‘I want back my $48,000 engagement ring and dog’- New York man sues ex-girlfriend following break up

A man from Manhattan, New York, Joe DiTomaso, 42, is suing his ex-girlfriend, Jamie Cohen for refusing to return his $48,300 engagement ring and his dog after they broke up, following two years of courtship.


Joe, who works as a tech exec in his suit on Monday, said he bought her the expensive jewelry and dropped another $12,000 on furniture after two years of dating, but when things went wrong in June 2015, Cohen took his dog and refused to return his ring.
DiTomaso, CEO of a hotel search engine, All the Rooms- has only seen his dog once, and that was in December 2015, the Manhattan Supreme Court suit read.
“Blu was never seen by Mr. DiTomaso again,” according to the suit.
“To date, none of DiTomaso’s furniture, furnishings and possessions have been returned,” the suit reads.
“DiTomaso owned his dog named Blu prior to defendant moving in with him,” his court papers say. “DiTomaso is entitled to immediate return of his dog.”
The lawsuit seeks return of the ring, furniture and dog, as well as damages of about $65,000.

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