This is the “Current List of Most Corrupt People in Nigeria 2017”


The National Bureau of Statistics, NBS, has released a new report documenting the state of bribery and corruption in the country. According to the report, the most corrupt people in the country (when it concerns receiving bribes) are:

Police officers
Tax officers
Custom officers
Insurance workers
Teachers in privates schools
Doctors at private hospitals
It said 46.4 per cent of Nigerian citizens have had “bribery contact” with police officers, 33 per cent with prosecutors and 31.5 per cent with Judges/magistrates.
The survey, tagged ‘Corruption in Nigeria – Bribery as Experienced by the Population’ also revealed that custom officers, judges, magistrates and prosecutors were the public officials who received the largest average cash bribes.
The NBS estimated the average bribe paid to Custom officers as N88, 587, Judges/magistrates as N18, 576 while Prosecutors received an average of N10, 072 as bribes from Nigerians.
It listed police officers and tax/revenue officers as public officers to whom the highest number of bribes were paid.
In the private sector, employees of insurance companies, teachers in private schools and doctors in private hospitals have highest bribe prevalence in Nigeria, the survey revealed.

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