: 3 Little Girls Found Brutally Killed In Murder !


Three little girls under the age of 10 have been found brutally murdered inside a US home in what police say is one of the most horrific crime scenes they have ever worked on .

Counsellors were actually brought to the site to help first responding officers cope with the disturbing discovery .
Cops had rushed to the neighbourhood in Clinton , Maryland after an adult family member discovered the bodies, which police say show signs of ‘blunt force trauma ’.
Although authorities have not disclosed further details of the “ gruesome ” killings , NBC Washington reports the girls “ were found beaten to death ” .
Police department spokeswoman Jennifer Donelan said :
“ We are now in the midst of a major investigation into what happened to these children and who killed them.
“ We have not determined who the person responsible is yet .”
The children were pronounced dead by firefighters . Donelan said they suffered “ trauma to the body ” .


“ This is one of the most difficult scenes that our officers arrived on . We have counselling services here at the scene dealing with first arriving officers, ” Donelan said , adding the neighbourhood is normally quiet.
Despite neighbours telling local news outlets they saw two men being taken away in handcuffs, police did not confirm if they had tracked down the killer .
“ We have not determined who the person responsible is yet ,” Donelan concluded .
The children’s names , ages and relation to each other have not yet been revealed.
Their relatives have been contacted and police tweeted that it is committed to “ make and arrest & determine the motive ” for the horrific murders .

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